Update app
New style.
New game.

Every match kickoff is special, and Sofascore is always there to witness it. But now, it's time for our own big moment.

The unveiling of a new Sofascore logo marks the beginning of a next chapter in our history. It announces many changes we can't wait to show you. Sport is always evolving and we are evolving with it.

We believe sport can connect the whole world, so we connect the whole world to sport.

Moving forward as a team

I liked the sofa. Why remove it?
After ten years, it was time for a change. As we dived deeper into new challenges, the old logo started to feel outdated. The new logo will take the place of the old one everywhere. It stands as a symbol of our motivation and idea. Coherency is essential, and we will synchronize all our visual assets. We are moving the sofa out.
Will you change the app too?
We can't wait to reveal everything we are preparing. Unveiling the new logo is just the start of a very important and exciting period for us. The app is constantly evolving; many new sports, features, and even more detailed insights will be introduced. But don't worry — everything you love about the Sofascore stays the same. We are only making the app look and feel better.
Where did green go?
We are also switching the colors up and focusing on something new. Sofascore Blue reflects our nature — big data and objectiveness. It will be contrasted with stone and soft gray hues. Green stays in the past along with the sofa and the capital S.
Only one capital S?
That's right. It's time to claim our name fully. As we mature, we also become more confident. No longer two words made into one. We are Sofascore.
Why teaming up with Luka Modrić?
Finding a brand ambassador at the same level of dedication, attention to detail, and desire for constant improvement was no easy task. However, Luka Modrić and Sofascore complement each other in every way. Luka is doing his magic on the football field, and Sofascore keeps track of all stats — from the final score to the smallest details. And most importantly, we both play to win! But Luka Modrić is only the first legend we brought on our team. More are on the way!
Can we contribute?
We were hoping you'd say that. We want to include you in as much decision-making as possible. If you want to take part in testing new features and contribute to the whole process of rebranding, click here.
So what's next?
All that we can say right now is that the process will be extensive and have multiple stages. We are excited and grateful that you'll take this journey with us. Stay tuned!